Update Memo Lot3 in F4108


We need to be able to Update Memo Lot3 in F4108 from P4312 on the W4312A form.

Users Receive an item, and enter a new Lot Number in W4312A. The program then creates a Record in F4108 for this new lot and we would like to update Memo Lot 3 in F4108 using this screen. We have added code to the OK Save Records button in the Post Clicked event to perform a table I/O to update IOLOT3 in F4108. The problem is the record in F4108 has not been created yet, so there is no record to update. By using the Debug logs we have found that after clicking the OK Save button it takes 20-40 minutes until the record in F4108 gets created!

We have looked through the Event Rules on the W4312A form, but cannot find the Code that inserts the record into F4108.

OneWorld B733
NT Workstation


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Hi Janet,

Try to turn off the Asynchronously check box for all Business Function calls in the Post Button Clicked event of the OK button. Generally this helps (of course, place your update to the and of the original event rules).

On the other hand, have you already checked the master business functions in W4312A (BeginDoc, EditLine, EditDoc, EndDoc, etc.) that does it have a parameter for "Memo Lot3". If it has then first try to pass the value for the BSFN instead record update, maybe will work.


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)