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We are installing update 2 and service pack 16 into our
development/crp server, and not touching the production server. One of the
things I was informed to do was to change the port number on the development
server since it is going to be running a different foundation code from the
production server. I don't understand why this would be necessary. The
explanation I was given was that 'the servers would be listening to the same
port, yet have different foundation code'. Well, if my understanding of ip
and sockets are correct, wouldn't the full connection require the address of
the server+ the socket, IE, You should be able to
have unlimited number of servers listening to the same port number, because
all for their IP's are different.
Is this port# change required? If so, could you explain why?


Xe, SP14.2, SQL7, NT, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

Performing SP16, Update 2 currently.

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If this is coming from the front-line support people, I would pretty much
negate it. They are recommending that you set up a separate set of kernels
(400 translation=subsystem) for the new foundation. The implication is that
the only difference is that this foundation would be on a different port.
It has been my experience that you cannot run a second set of kernels
(subsystem) without a different NIC. It would appear to me that OneWorld
binds by the server-side host IP resolution not by port.

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