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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to Xe and I was wondering whether OneWorld Xe does automatic checking of UPC codes when it is entered into the system. For instance, does it ensure that the check digit is correct? Does it check to make sure that the company code was typed in correctly?

Thank you in advance,
Vincent Chai

Xe SP16.1, JAS, SQL7, Win2000


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If you enter UPC codes into the Item master using the
"Shipping/Storage" Row exit the system will validate
that the check digit is correct. I forget if it
validates the UCC company info. Either way I remember
that it does not check for dupilcate UPC codes if that
would be an issue.

The system will also validate the SSCC-18 numbers when
entered into the Pack confirm sceen.

One other note, JDE expects EAN-13 UPC numbers not
just the Noth American UPC-12. So it might throw you
off that there is the extra 0 in the front of the

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