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Unresolved external symbol jdeErrorSetEx


Hello Everyone,

I am creating a C program to call a BSFN. When i build the project in Visual Studio, am getting the following link error,

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __imp__jdeErrorSetEx referenced in function _GetSoldToBillingInstructions

I have following things in my project properties,

1. BSFN .lib, jdekrnl.lib, jdel.lib, jdeuser.lib files under Linker->Input.
2. The directories having .lib files under Linker->General->Additional Library Directories.

Have also observed that, BSFN .lib file has symbol ‘__imp__jdeErrorSetEx’ but jdekrnl.lib file has symbol ‘__imp__jdeErrorSetEx@28’. Since it cannot find the symbol, it is throwing link error. I think am missing something. Please share your thoughts on this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Craig,

Thanks for your reply. I made a silly mistake of calling BSFN without jdeCallObject API! Now, it worked! Thank you.