Unposted Batches by Company


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The report R007011 lists un-posted batches from F0011 Batch Header. Is there any report to print un-posted batches by company(Inetrcompany batches are not a big deal). The goal is to get a list of batches related to sister companies only, not to the affiliates. So the financial user have to take care to deal with only sister company batches.

If there is no such report, I have to do the following:
1. Primary source of data will be F0011 - Batch Header. Select only unposted batches
2. Based on Batch Type, decide where to check in the ledger table (for example, if batch type is G, check F0911; if V, check F0411).
3. If any ledger entry is related with sister companies(F0911.CO), show the batch. Otherwise, hide it.

Any comments are most welcomed.