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We are attempting to migrate data from a World Installed AS/400 Unix platform to our new NT 4.0/SP6 OneWorld Xe MS SQL 7.0 box. Different OS's, different Databases, different versions of JDE software and different ends of the US for each site with limited WAN between. So far, our best idea is to convert each table to a flat file, back it up to tape, ship it, restore and import into the Xe table equivalent. There simply HAS to be a better way, but none of us have thought of it yet. Have any of you had a similar challenge with some wisdom to share?

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Good questions. The AS/400 is just a big black box to me, but I'm
forwarding a query to the 400 guy. If you haven't guessed, I'm the NT

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Hi there !

What do you mean by a "World installed AS/400 Unix" ?
Is it JDE World Software A7.3 running on top of a Unix box?
Is it a OneWorld B733.x installation running on AS/400 and Unix boxes?


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First off, the AS/400 is not a UNIX platform (the IBM bigots are shuddering).

You must be a consultant to whom someone said "here do this", apparently without much JDE experience. Not a slam, we all start somewhere.

You cannot just do an export/import. These are not different versions of the same product, they are two different products - albeit similiar in functionality. FYI JDE has a methodology and toolset to do this sort of thing. They have a lot of World customers that they want moved to OneWorld ...

Suggest you ask again here posing the question as "How do I quickly convert from World version xx to OneWorld XE?". I'm sure there must be a few souls here who have done so - but they may not read a post about Unix to NT :)

You should also obtain a login to the JDEdwards customer support website - commonly known as the "Knowledge Garden". Your customer or consulting group should have an Account/Password for you to use. In this garden are many valuable documents that may help you in your quest.

Good Luck!

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I think that the biggest issue you have is the different versions of the

How about this thought. If you were to run an upgrade to get the software to
the same release as XE, then your existing AS400 database would have the
same table structures as Xe. You would not need to worry about upgrading the
code, just the table conversions. Then ship your whole AS400 to the new
site. In Xe set up a number of environments. One pointing to the AS400
database and one pointing to the MS SQL 7.0 database. Then run R98403 to
copy the data from one database to the other.

Just a thought! Good luck.


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