Unique Purchase Order requirements - outside operation AND ship to customer



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We had a unique requirement recently for selling an existing item (in our inventory) to a customer. It first had to go to a supplier for a process to be completed and then ship from the supplier direct to the customer. So it was kind of an outside operation/drop ship combination. Below is what we did to address this, but I'm interested in anyone else's take on this, and if you can think of a cleaner way to handle this.

For this example, item ABC is what is on the SO to the customer, and item DEF is what we have in inventory now.
On the SO, we add item ABC on a "S" type line.
Item ABC is a manufactured item with item DEF in the BOM, and a single outside operation on the Routing.
We created a WO for item ABC, and then issued item DEF to the WO.
We issue the outside operation PO to the supplier, with a Ship To address of our customer. We also added some text to the PO instructing the supplier about the process needing to be completed and to send the finished item to the customer and notify us when done.
Once we receive notification from the supplier, we complete the outside operation on the WO routing, complete the WO, and then ship confirm item ABC on the SO.

The problem with this approach is that the system will show item ABC as having been completed into inventory, when in fact it never physically went into our inventory.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!