Unique Application dev to create Questionarries

Abir Mannan

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I have this unique requirement in one of my client.
In the application it will ask Question to user and will have multiple choice answer, Based on if the user Click on the right answer, it will ask for the 2nd question, and move on like this. Questions and answer will be stored in a table.

I know it can be done outside of JDE without even thinking, but need to be done in JDE. Is their anything new with power forms that can do this?
I have a few ideas , one of them is 1 form per question. but What if they have 20 questions?
Any high level idea to tackle this will be appreciated.
Sounds fun :)

The user enters a screen that is in a loop until they finish the questions or click cancel (the loop is your q\a flow)

Have your Q/As on a workfile organised anyway you see fit but like a parent child relationship. 1 question and many child answers. The question records will need a sequence to flow through but also something to group them.

Put the 1st question in the header - this can be a media object if text size is an issue

Possible answers then appear in the grid

User selects the grid row (a simple hidden Y/N flag will determine if they are right or not - or grid row number if sequenced right)

You then either click a Y/N button for them or ask them to do it (or use the correct grid event)

Depending on the users choice, they either fail and try again or exit, OR just load up the next question/answers

Load up the next question in the header and click find to refresh the grid and show Qu 2 (hidden filter)

It's the same form you stay in, you just refresh the grid by clicking Find and refresh the question

Should work :)
Arrrrgggh, Not sure why my answer was dropped, but it was beautiful. Now I'll just have to try to recreate it.

I think that I might try a different tactic.

Create a Find/Browse form and Headerless (or Header) Detail for the Controller to create Questionnaire Sets and Questions. Then create a Fix Inspect that has the logic to process any Questionnaire Set. The Fix/Inspect would call a Message Form with dynamic text and dynamically labeled buttons (if possible) that would be able to generically process any question and return the answer (advance mode would even include the ability to pause and return in the Fix Inspect). Then you can call the Fix Inspect from a menu and have processing options that would load a particular questionnaire set. You would have to have the ability to store history if doing the pause and return). The Fix Inspect could then record the answers for any questionnaire/user/try # combination as well as maybe even summary data storage.

Anyway my first response was way more detailed, but I can't remember all the things I suggested. Nevermind here is my first response....

I think I might take a different approach to this. What if you were to create a Message form with generic but dynamic text (The question passed in) and generic but dynamically labeled buttons (The button labels passed in and the button clicked passed out). The you could have a Find/Browse that stores the Questionnaire Set (Header) and allows you to create new sets of questions, and a Headerless Detail that allows the Control person to enter the questions, the answers and the labels for each of the buttons. Then you would also create a Fix Inspect that the user would FI to or start from the menu and would traverse the questions for a particular questionnaire set. You would probably need to code in the ability to leave the questionnaire in the middle and return to same point, but then all the logic would be in the Fix/Inspect and the questions would be a very dynamic setup.

If you wanted to be real advanced, you could introduce some logic that might branch to different questions depending upon the answers given. Again, the logic would be standardized so that you only use one generic Message form to accomplish the delivery of the questions
This is getting very interesting for me,
I was also thinking more going with the Fix/inspect. Since the Question and answer will be in the same table. 1 questions 4 possible choices, 1 right answer (Fileds in the table) with Question Number.
+In the fix inspect, Show the Q and the choices with check box/radio based on the right answer being checked, It will refresh the page by adding LineID+1 and will bring the next question in the FC.
But i am not sure if i need to do this on Power forms, In Power forms we only have Edit and Browse. More like headerless and find/browse.
Does Edit portlet/Wizard come in the pictures, I did not use the portlet yet so do not know the full functionality. Although this is all just brainstorming.
Powerforms are just 2 forms on one screen. So you don't really need one to achieve what you want here no, but yes you could use it.
One form for the question the other for the possible answers

But that's the same as a find browse or header/less detail. No need to over complicate this with a PF :)

Seems tricky enough as it is :)

I suggested a FB form as you mentioned the possible answers may differ in number. So if you chose a FI that's a fixed screen. Grids aren't fixed and you can have as many as you like
Thanks John and BBritain for your input. I am very excited since i do not see many requirements on Creating New application nowadays, on top this is medium complex one.
I will check functionality on Wizard form as well. I never used Wizard before.