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Union of Tables F42119 F4211


Hi everyone , I'm new to JD Edwards and Crystal. What is the best approach to merge these 2 tables F42119 and F4211?

Paul H

Hi Mike,

You'll find a lot of information when you search on this topic. What you are probably after is in Post # 87537.




how do you access the JDE data from Crystal?
Directly from the database?
Thru ODA?
Thru JDEDirect?


After answering this question we can perhaps guide you correctly.

P.S. It would also help if you provided some basic information (per site guidelines) such as JDE version, platform, database, etc . . .
Use the command table to create a sql query. Open a new, blank database. At the very top of your data tables is Add Command. Select Add Command and click on the right arrow to move it to the right window pane. A blank window will open to add your sql query. Here is an example of a query I did to pull the real time data and history data:
SELECT "F4211"."SDDOCO", "F4211"."SDDCTO", "F4211"."SDLNID", "F4211"."SDMCU", "F4211"."SDADDJ", "F4211"."SDIVD", "F4211"."SDPDDJ", "F4211"."SDLITM", "F4211"."SDITM", "F4211"."SDAEXP", "F4211"."SDUPRC", "F4211"."SDUORG", "F4211"."SDUOM", "F4211"."SDSOQS", "F4211"."SDGLC", "F4211"."SDLTTR", "F4211"."SDNXTR", "F4211"."SDRCD", "F4211"."SDVR01", "F4211"."SDSRP3", "F4211"."SDPA8"

FROM "JDEDTA"."F4211" "F4211"

(Put your selection criteria in the where line)
WHERE "F4211"."SDMCU"='*' AND
("F4211"."SDDCTO"='*' OR "F4211"."SDDCTO"='*')

Union All

SELECT "F42119"."SDDOCO", "F42119"."SDDCTO", "F42119"."SDLNID", "F42119"."SDMCU", "F42119"."SDADDJ", "F42119"."SDIVD", "F42119"."SDPDDJ", "F42119"."SDLITM", "F42119"."SDITM", "F42119"."SDAEXP", "F42119"."SDUPRC", "F42119"."SDUORG", "F42119"."SDUOM", "F42119"."SDSOQS", "F42119"."SDGLC, "F42119"."SDLTTR", "F42119"."SDNXTR", "F42119"."SDRCD", "F42119"."SDVR01", "F42119"."SDSRP3", "F42119"."SDPA8"

FROM "JDEDTA"."F42119" "F42119"

WHERE "F42119"."SDMCU"='* AND ("F42119"."SDDCTO"='*' OR "F42119"."SDDCTO"='*')