Unedited Asset Master Transaction Revision/P1201Z1


I am currently trying to load Assets into B7.3.3.3 and am having the same problems as specified in SAR's 3024251 and 3649104, where the F1201Z1 has 2 errors. I have, as instructed in both SAR FINAL DISPOSITIONS populated the Flat-File Cross reference Table located at G1233 and yet I am still getting both error messages, ie 2488 and 049B. I have run a debug on MBFB0000175 and still cannot pinpoint the problem as all seems ok. Also, in the 'STEPS TO REPRODUCE' section of SAR 3649104 there is a reference to a white paper entitled 'Adding an Installed Base Record Through Interoperability' . I, and a few of my colleagues, have searched the KG extensively and have not been able to find this paper at all???????

Please would someone help!


Sean Earlam

Travelling Willbury