Understanding Inbound Interoperability for Procurement


Please note that I am not a JDE specialist and thank you for this consideration.
I am looking to validate interoperability capabilities within the Procurement applications ; JDE E1 v9.0
Context and assumptions:

  • JDE E1 is the central A/P system
  • A user is using a systemX to issue a PO to a supplier with its own PO number
  • As the payable is to be handled by JDE E1, we are looking to interface the PO issued by systemX to JDE E1 using JDEPOIN transaction type for inbound purchase order transactions
  • SystemX is acknowledging PO reception and must interface reception in JDE E1
  • JDE E1 is receiving supplier invoice and needs to perform invoice match(voucher-match) and then prepare for payment
  • JDE E1 is notifying systemX that payment has been performed for the PO
Q: How do we reconcile systemX and JDE E1 PO numbers to ensure invoice match
Q: anybody had experience the similar situation, experience sharing is welcomed.
Thank you!