Uncheck "Hide Query by Example" & System Performance


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We have a custom application based on F4211 with check "Hide Query by Example" and user would like to enable this.
Once we enable it, we experience the slowness

Please let me know if you saw this issue and have any other solution to allow user to sort Grid line
Thanks in advance to share your experience

E910 TR
... to allow user to sort Grid line

E910 TR

Not sure what the QBE has to do with sorting of grid lines, but maybe you are just using the wrong terminology.

As for performance degradation with QBE... that will depend on the table over which the QBE exists and which fields are being queried. The QBE columns just form the WHERE clause of the SQL statement, so if you have a large table (lots of records) and you're querying on columns that are not part of a helpful index, then you can see performance issues. Depending on the usage of QBE (ie: are users generally wanting the same 1 or 2 columns to query?), adding an index for the most-used columns could make sense.