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E9.2 Unable to Update Hover Screen


I made some changes to P01700 (Address Book Information Hover Form). I now want this program to be referenced by the JDE_CUSTOMERHOVER_SHAN hover viewer feature.

JDE_CUSTOMERHOVER_SHAN is set to P03B700 by deafult, but I have updated in the Feature Definitions screen P958973 to now reference P01700. The permissions are set to *PUBLIC *ALL.

For some reason the hover viewer will not update. I have it linked to P01700, but it is still displaying P03B700. Am I missing something? Do I need to perform something outside of the P958973 screen to get this to update? The documentation I have seen only seems to reference P958973 and P958974. I believe I have done everything I need to do with those.

I have cleared cache and signed out and in multiple times. I'm not sure where I am going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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While setting up in P958974 have you setup two records like one for DV910 and JDV910 . I know in jde we have to set for both in some cases for it to work properly . Other than that . I think you pretty much covered it all in terms of setup and that should work . Is there any kind of runtime cache that may be you need to clean as well related to the applications , sql packages and bounce services once and see ?