Unable to locate table in specified datasource for section.....

Frosty the Coder

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I have 2 custom UBEs that abended
w/the error msg stated in the subject.

Both run locally (as we do not wish to
risk a package build messing up during
busy season).

Both are based on addr book selecting
17,000+ records out of 3,000,000+ records.

(f4211, f42119) chases for each addr book record

Due to the volume of data, and the fact that our
400 is _damn_slow_ (and no one can quite figure
out why (jde, ibm, consultants)) we have to run
these overnight.

They routinely run for 6+ hours (each) and
routinely run to completion. They can and
do run concurrently, and to date I've not
had a problem with this.

Both have been running to completion for
several weeks now.

Last night, BOTH were running when they
abended at the SAME TIME. Both gave the
error "Unable to locate table in specified
datasource for section: ...".

In this case, the table/section that was being referenced
was F42119 (sales history).

One had already processed for 6 hours
without any problems. The other had processed
for 3+ hours, again no problems.

Being clueless (in general, as well as to this specific):

Why would, in the middle of processing, a UBE
suddenly not find a table that it had been working with?

What "connection" could break, in the middle
of the run, that this would occur?

What can be done to prevent this from happening

Any/all help/suggestion/guidance/wisdom is greatly appreciated.


(Green Screen) Gene

PS - I realize that this is sent to the 2 OW lists. I apologize for the
duplicate threads, but I wanted to increase my chances of finding
an answer. Is it possible to post to BOTH OW lists/forums w/out
creating two threads?

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client

Frosty the Coder

Legendary Poster

This is still happening to me.

My ube will process 12K+ of the customer
records, doing F4211/F42119 chases just fine.
Suddenly, it will become unable to find them.
Last night's was F42119.

As a PROGRAMMER (developers have answers), it
seems like my local machine (it _is_ running
locally) is losing its connections w/the AS/400.
Help Desk felt the same way, and is looking into
DATASOURCE" can be caused by.

Some nights this runs to completion, some
nights it doesn't. It is NOT necessarily
running at the same time each night, and the
error is not occuring at the same time each

Is the connection between the client-pc &
as400 timing out? Is that a value that is
set somewhere (if I sit & keep hitting
refresh, does that keep the connection up?)

Please let me know what/where/when/how/why
this may be happening.

TIA Gene

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client