Unable to Establish Connection With Broker.


Hi everyone,
i am facing issues, while opening debugger. it is throwing 2 errors consecutively. the errors descriptions are below.
(1). Unable to establish connection with broker.
(2) .Debugger initialization failed. Unable to continue. see logs for more information.

And below are the log error descriptions.
1) jdedebug : Jun 20 19:01:10.019000 - 4440/6944 **** jdeDebugInit -- output disabled in INI file.

2) jdelog: 4440/6944 MAIN_THREAD Mon Jun 20 19:01:11.405000 JDETOOLS.c3065
LIB0000569 - WARNING!!! [SECURITY][Password] Password not encrypted in the INI

4440/6944 MAIN_THREAD Mon Jun 20 19:01:34.089000 DEBUGGER.CPP293
[Debugger] Failed to initialize ERDebuggerService2 service via WSDL: C:\E920\system\bin32\ERDebuggerService2.WSDL

Please give solution for this.

Thanks and regards,
K A Naidu.