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If I am working with the adressbook and I use the flash on a cat code, on the exit bar I see a button Revision for that UDC. When I want to change the value or add a new value to the UDC, can I use this button or shall I go to the OMW and change the UDC there?
What's the difference? The first thing is faster then the second way.

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The Revision exit under the flashlight is the proper
way to change/add a value that resides in the UDC
table based on security. Remember to add new values
at the end/bottom of the UDC list. Typically 'blank'
or '.' is an acceptable value in the UDC so using the
first open field would eliminate that value and cause
issues later on.

OMW would/could be used to change the UDC table that
is being called which is entirely different.

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If you want to move the UDCs between environments with project promotions then use OMW.
Be careful, OMW moves all UDCs under the UDC type not only effected by ADD/CHANGE/DELETE!

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