E9.1 UDC value if price zero at order entry


Dear JDEGurus

are you aware of achieving the following with no or minimal development effort?

I need to: when a sales order line is entered with zero price (maybe other conditions may apply as certain customer or Business unit) then populate the line with a specific value from UDC revision reason (or value from a different UDC we may also choose)

Any ideas or experience is very welcome.

Many thanks!


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we have a lot of customisation on sales order entry in P42101 and the answer to your question is - you have to open code , write some code as to when that UPRC is 0 then change the GC value of RCD , copy the code from the col exited and changed for the column change and call the mbf and then you shud be all set . We have done similar to change PC3 value based on condition and then setup advanced pricing to work off of that order detail group to drive some more enhanced pricing logic .