UDC Revision (add) thru Applications 9.2 Not working


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We just had UAT 1 testing going from 9.0 to 9.2.

One of the issues is that one of the end users is no longer able to update UDC (P0005S) though applications like Item Master (P4101).

I checked the security (F00950) for her role and the the *Public/*All. Everything is the same between the two and I am able to add UDC records.

Anyone know where to check? My security is different between the two due to getting addition privileges in 9.0 so Table Object Name is appreciated
Does *PUBLIC have update permissions? (not a good idea)
Does she have multiple roles? If so one of those may not have update permission and is evaluated first.

Quick test is to try logging in with her specific role rather than *ALL. If she can then update the UDC then there's most likely a role conflict.
It does not.

I did find the row security for P0005S at the form level W0005B and W0005D and they matched.