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UDC Merge and Coexistence???


Is anyone familiar with the UDC Merge when installing One World to be coexistent with an existing World system???

With coexistence, does the UDC merge bring in all the demo values for existing UDC's? For example, for a UDC that we are already using in World, such as 06 PS, we have the following valid values: N T 0 7 8 9.
In the demo, it has the following values: I L T U 0 1 9.
This is one of many critical UDC's that are used for validation in our World
environment. We would not want the I L U or 1 put into our system as valid
values. We would want that UDC code type and it's valid values left alone.

Whereas 08 FB is a new code in One World, it would need to add it and it's values.

I would hope that it wouldn't add values to the UDC code types that are currently being used in World. When we do PTF's in World, it never automatically adds to our UDC's. Because of the critical role that UDC's play, these are always part of ASI's to be applied manually.

Has anyone had experience with this?