UDC F0005 to F46822



I can't figure out how to get an UDC into the F46822 to connect it in the F46027.
- I can add it to the F0005 and use it in the F4100.

- I want it to show up in the F46822 so I can use in the F46027.
- When I do add something it says: not found in User Defined Code 46 DF

- I know how to add an existing UDC to the F46027.



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I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you saying that you used the UDC application (P0004A) to add your new value to UDC 46 DF, but you are still getting the error message? You don't mention what program you are in when you get the error and you haven't included information about the version of JDE you are using. This makes it tougher to give you a good answer. You may be seeing something related to caching. If you are in an application, open the UDC from a visual assist and then drill into revisions to add the new value, you may need to exit the original application and get back in again. Depending on your version and how your system is set up, you may need to wait overnight for a cache refresh before you see the new UDC value everywhere.