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UDC 04/PP - Print/Tape Programs - Payments. What does special handling impact?

Frosty the Coder

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A bank has asked us to create separate payment groups, designated by a unique payment instrument.

In the documentation they provided, they say to modify UDC 40/PP for programs P04572T1 and P04572T2,
by populating "special handling" with a "2".

I've looked at the AP guide for 7.33, and don't see it referencing UDC 40/PP.

We are currently sending EFTs, ACHs, 820's etc and P04572T1 is NOT set to "2".

What does setting SPHD to "2" accomplish?



hey Frosty,
The unique payment instrument is in the P0417 and there you define which print programs you want. (UDC 04/PP)
Current explanation for the SPHD codes is the following.
Alias: SPHD
A code that indicates special processing requirements for certain user defined code values. The value that you enter in this field is unique for each user defined code type.

The system uses the special handling code in many ways. For example, special handling codes defined for Language Preference specify whether the language is double-byte or does not have uppercase characters. Programming is required to activate this field.