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UBEs, running on server, w/out a package build

Frosty the Coder

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First, I'm an old (400/world) dog, trying to learn new (oneworld) tricks.
Should I occasionally grouse, please forgive me.

It's busy season, and machine time for package builds
has been declined.

To date, we've been able to circumvent package builds for
UBEs by making the changes on a fat client, and then doing
a checkout/erase checkout on the citrix servers getting the
specs to the thin clients.

My latest specs, when run locally work fine. I've checked
them into the server, we did our citrix procedure, but the specs
don't run as they should on either citrix or server.

I checked them back out to the fat client on which they were
mod'd, and they still run as I want locally. I checked them
back onto the server, run them from the server, and I still
get the old results.

Where would I look to see what's going on?

I remember, briefly being shown a .log for checkins.
What is the name of that log?

If the specs produce the old results on the server, why do they still
the new results when run locally AFTER being checked out from that server?


Gene Piekarski, Jr.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client


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In order to get the specs to the Server you'll need to build an Update
package and then deploy that package to the Ent Server. Then the specs
should be updated and the ube should work as it does locally. The Update
Package build time should be much less than the full package.

Hope this helps.


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Re: RE: UBEs, running on server, w/out a package build

To follow up up on what WWELLS said, I think you should turn on logging on the job you send to the ent server when you submit it (advanced button during submit). i would think you did not include something in your server package. the log should point to what is missing.
In regard to your Citrix server i would suggest you do an install instead of a check out to get a quick delivery of code. the install will find related objects that are associated with your app or ube (dstr, for example) that are needed to run.
good luck.

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Just a little addon to our friends' competent replies.
Your question: "If the specs produce the old results on the server, why do they still produce the new results when run locally AFTER being checked out from that server?"
My (detailed) answer:
There are 2 (two) different servers you are talking (asking) about. The Deployment and the Enterprise servers.
The first server involved is the Deployment, the place where you check-in to or check-out from; its only reasons to exist - to be able to keep your mods AND to be able to DEPLOY them, by building packages. The Client package allows wkstns to run the UBE/APPLs. The Server package allows the ENTERPRISE server to run the UBEs.
When you launch the UBE on the server (that is the Enterprise server), the old results are produced because the old specs are there! No Server package has been installed/deployed on your Enterprise Server!
When you run the UBE locally, AFTER you checked-it out (from the Deployment sever), the NEW specs are used, therefore NEW results.
Hoping I didn't confuse you (too much),

Adrian Chimirel
Programmer Analyst
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You mentioned that this is a busy time of year.

Keep in mind that deploying an update package will hold up new UBE
processing from the time you submit it to deploy until it actually deploys.

Have fun.

David D. Helsley, Inc.
Independent IT Consultant
(859)466-6746 ddh@consultant.com (me)


Frosty the Coder

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I failed to note that the ube in question was R42520,
pick slip print.

I was trying to "implement" a (set of) version changes,
which had worked on prior occasions.

It appears that the reason it doesn't work THIS time,
is that w/in these mods is a new bsvw.

For this, I need a package build.

Thanks for your replies.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client