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UBE's not running on server


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UBE\'s not running on server

UBE's not running on the server - UPDATED...

Initially, we reported having a problem running new UBE's transferred from
CRP in to PROD on our enterprise server. This last Saturday afternoon the
problem escalated so that we can no longer run ANY ube's including Posting
jobs to our enterprise server. JDE is recommending simulating a full server
package build by TAMFTP'ing all specs from a client to the enterprise
server! (Of course using a separate procedure for the dddict and dtext

Has anyone ever done this with B7322? So far, I haven't been able to
successfully run the tamftp because I'm getting an unable to create
directory error. I've already created that the new spec directory on the
400 so I don't know what the problem is!

Any ideas, comments, helpful hints, words of wisdom, etc?

OW: B7322 sp12.2; AS400 v4r4 ent server; coexist World A73 cum 8

Toni Nanneman
CNC Administrator
503-370-7071 x7262


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RE: UBE\'s not running on server

Toni :

1) Delete glbltbl.xdb and .ddb from the SPEC directory on the
CRPB732 and/or PRODB732 libraries on the AS/400 server; you may be
suffering from spec corruption. These specs regenerate by themselves.
2) I've done pseudo-full server packages on B7321 (worse than B7322
guys!) and they run. Before doing the pseudo-full server packages,
try stopping OneWorld services, deleting glbltbl specs and starting
them up again. You may backup them prior to this deletion.
3) If it doesn't work, then you have to do the pseudo-full package...
First of all, install a full client package, and transfer all specs
to the server (except dddict and ddtext) running TAMFTP.
4) Create a local data dictionary copy using R92TAM and transfer it
with TAMFTP.
5) Build a large server package with all modified *BSFN and *TBLE
objects (I personally prefer to build several smaller packages than
a huge one). If package hangs up, you'll be forced to shutdown and
start up OneWorld Services.

Luck, Sebastian Sajaroff