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UBE Version name Visibility on iseries Jobnames


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Hi List,

for many years now in Xe we have been running UBEs from IBMs Job Scheduler, so the job scheduler name (eg. R47011_A) means that we know it refers to UBE subsystem process R47011 Version A.

In E1 9.1 we are now launching the UBEs using apis from within E1 directly. We have over 100 subsystem processes to launch and the new method is very affective and easy to run (loops over custom setup table).

This means however that all jobs running the same UBE cannot be distinguished as they all appear to be the same when viewed on iseries. Example below where all 7 EDI order taking processes R47011 appear to be the same job name.

Subsystem/Job User Number Type CPU % Threads Storage
R42565 JDE 476372 BCH .0 1 81
R47011 JDE 476373 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476374 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476375 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476376 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476377 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476378 BCH .0 1 62
R47011 JDE 476379 BCH .0 1 62

I know we can use E1 screen WSJ to see the processing jobs in F986110 to get version details based on the jobnumber. But does anyone know how we can launch UBEs with a specific jobname so that we could perhaps associate each job with the version name in some way. Or maybe there is a better way to control this?

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the company decision is to use other tools for job scheduling of non-subsystem UBEs due to other constraints and dependencies that we have.

With regards to subsystem versions though, we do not want the overhead of creating and maintaining 100 or more jobs in this way. We have a simple startup and shutdown master UBE which launches or ends them as required.

I know there are probably many scheduling tools we can use but I was hoping that the api that launches UBEs can be manipulated in such a way that can affect the underlying jobnames. I haven't yet explore this possibility - but was hoping if someone out there has already done it or knows of alternative method of launching.

Best rgds