E9.2 UBE submissions via bat script/runube slow on new system


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Hi all,
so we're submitting 250 subsystems via a .bat script on our batch server. On E900 with on Windows Server 2012 this was pretty easy and took something between 5 and 10 minutes.
Now, on E920 with PROD / TEST on Windows Server 2019 this is pretty slow. Takes 30 minutes in PROD and almost 60 minutes in test...
I compared JDE.INI old to new and didn't find any leads or anything that is not set yet. ORACLE doesn't really help either, besides stating to use the console session via RDP and to use the same user als the one starting the services (which i both didn't test yet, since we didn't do so in 9.0 either - but maybe still worth a try).
Any ideas? :)