UBE Queue Behaviour


Thanks for all the help with Queue setup, it was very much
appreciated. Now however I'm trying to understand how the queues work.

Currently I have a multi threaded queue that can process 2 UBE's
simultaneously and a second queue for processing urgently required UBE's.
If a UBE is processing on the first queue and additional UBE's are submitted
to that queue then one of the additional UBE's will go into an 'In Queue'
state but will not start processing, even though that queue is multi
threaded and is onle processing 1 UBE.

If I then submit a UBE to the second queue (that is currently free)
the UBE also sits in an 'In Queue' state and will not start processing.
When the original process, that was running on the first queue, finally
finishes only then will the two UBE's submitted to QUE one and the UBE
submitted to queue two all start processing.

It appears that as long as a UBE is processing on a queue, no new
processing can start on any queues until that process finishes. Does this
sound accurate ?.

Thanks in Advance
Paul Gaynor


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Check the KG for document OTI-00-0001 Single Threaded UBEs. This
document will list certain UBEs that must be run in a single threaded
queue -vs- multithreaded.

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