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UBE processing very slow


For 5 days, UBEs running on our prod entreprise server have been very very slow.

We have installed PD810 pathcode on both DEV and PROD enterprise servers. (Win2000 + Ora9i ).

When I submit the same UBE :
1. on the PROD server (PD810 envirt) the UBE takes 5 minutes (1 minute in S Status) and completes with D status
2. on the DEV server (PD810 envirt also) the UBE takes 2 sec.

I ve restored the full ddp\E810\system (1 week old) end JDE.INI. It didn't change anything.

Any idea? Please help

Thanks in advance
Win2000 + ORA + Citrix MFXP FR3


Active Member
Did you install any sort of hotfixes on your Prod enterprise server? I've seen the NIC settings get reset from 100 MB/Full Duplex to Auto Detect after a hotfix. If the server doesn't auto detect the speed properly, it could slow things down.


We finally found out that the DNS settings needed to be changed on the PROD Ent Server. The DB server name resolution took too long from the Enterprise Server. So only UBEs were affected.
Now UBEs run fine.

Thanks to njcncadmin for the suggestion,