UBE not running on Citrix


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Hi. We have two Citrix servers.
On the 2nd server, we are unable to run any UBE because it gets stuck at either the data selection screen or the submit screen. In jdedebug, the last statement indicates that it's doing a select on f983051, but the SQL log indicates that it's a success.

Interactive applications are fine.

This server has also done "blue screen of death". Apparently, this server has a history of doing this, but it's periodic. I don't know if this has anything to do with the UBE issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?

Thank you.

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If I were you I would reinstall the last full package on that server.
Seems a kind of spec corruption.
On the other hand, blue screens are typically related to failed RAM
or disks.

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Sounds like SPEC corruption to me.

Best solution is to reinstall the OneWorld Client and the latest Package in the Server - or copy it from the working server!

It can often be quicker to take a copy of the B7 folder and sub-folders from the other Citrix Server, since you have two.

BSOD is a likely culprit for the corruption. However if you keep getting BSODs then you need do some diagnostics on your server - or you will be going through this loop again next time it BSODs on you.

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