UBE, Level Break Footers, Multiple Triggers

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I have a custom UBE (over F4211) that is sorted by
SDVR01 (po), SDDOCO (order#), and SDADDJ (actual ship date).

If any/all of these fields break, I want specific processing to
occur. This processing is the same regardless of which field

I've found on the KG, that LBF can only be tied to a single trigger
field, and that for what I need, I have to set up 3 LBFs on that

I did so as a test, and with the data I was testing, both DOCO
and ADDJ broke. This caused the LBF sections for both
fields to process. At end of report, I got LBF sections for
all 3 fields.

I tried, calling a custom section, from w/in the parent's
END BREAK SECTION er, but still saw 2 LBFs (on break)
and 3 LBFs (at end of report).

Is it possible to get the 3 LBFs to process 1 set of ER?
If so, how?


Gene Piekarski, Jr.

Gene Piekarski, Jr

AS/400, B733, SP11.2, NT client