UBE Interconnect - Help Please


Hi Group,

I have a question about using the Report Interconnect(UBE) function from an
application. Using this function leads to the creation of a CALL statement
for the UBE. When running the application, exectution of this line of code
causes the Printer Selection screen to appear. How can I automatically
by-pass or suppress this Printer Selection screen when running the
application, such that the report will run automatically from the CALL
command without any further user interaction? Any help would be greatly


B7332 SP11.3, NT SQL 7, AS/400
Hi Christopher,
Sorry I can't provide a direct answer; I was looking for precisely the same thing you are, the only difference being my B7321 release. It seems there is a solution (calling a business function) for your release; some time ago there was a thread "Launch Batch Application" you may find using the JDEList's Search capability, maybe in the Developers forum. I guess it'll be helpful.

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I just reply this post because you kindly asked me personally.
Unfortunately I am not as experienced in UBE and printer settings as to be able to answer you what kind of setting can make possible to skip the Printer Selection screen.
As Adrian suggested previously, I also suggest you to use BSFN call to run your UBE. Adrian is right, it was more times discussed on the List/Forum.
Do you have Internet access? If yes, then you can easily find these posts on the Forum (www.jdelist.com/forums.shtml) using the search functionality.

I searched a bit for you and here I attach some identification information of key posts:

Subject Forum Poster Posted on
Re: Dynamic Calls One World / XE Developers vbojan 11/28/00 10:25 AM
Re: Dynamic Calls One World / XE Developers vbojan 11/28/00 11:28 AM

On the other hand, the mentioned BSFN is the "Launch Batch Application" in the B91300C source module.
You can find description about it as attachment in the Object Librarian as calling up it via the "Business Function Notes" button on the parameter window in the ER designer.

Hope, could help.
Please, share your results with us on the List/Forum. Thanks.

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