UBE has caused an exception. Your system may become unstable



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While running a simple 'no update' report, the following error is coming:

UBE R5543PRB -- TEST has caused an exception.
Your system may become unstable.

The log file just says "The report is successfully submitted to the server". Nothing else.
So for me, it became a nightmare. The funny thing is, it gives output.

About the report:
I remember, once I changed BV for the section of the report, but I checked if all the fields are valid.
The report is using Arabic for some fields.

In View Job Status app:
When there is no data, it completes successfully. The status is 'Done'.
While giving error, it takes too much time to complete and end with 'Error'.

Please have a look at the attachment.


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Hi Rauf,

You are saying you changed the business view of a section in the report. Did you create a new version, after you changing the business view? Most of the times report versions will not work if you modify the the business view or processing option template after creating the versions.Please try validating the event rules of the report also. This might help if there are any invalid/disconnected variable assignments.
Your log is full of these every time it tries to hit F9860 (object librarian table)

Mar 08 14:45:21 7980095116 4432 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Exiting JDB_OpenTable(Table = F9860) with Success
Mar 08 14:45:21 7980105116 4432 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Entering JDB_FetchKeyed
Mar 08 14:45:21 7980115116 4432 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject ODBC[Jdbodbc.c,4640] wSQLCloseCursor - warning: invalid cursor state failure. rc = -1
Mar 08 14:45:21 7980125116 4432 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject ODBC[Jdbodbc.c,4640] STMT:00 [24000][0] [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Invalid cursor state

Not sure what the cause is but have you correctly deployed your version and UBE to the DV server?
I found why do the issue come.
I have a custom data item(string, 70 chars) to store supplier name. Sometime, user type both English and Arabic for the supplier name. I am getting issue with this kind of records only.

So what should I do to enable the data items to accept the Uni Code values ?
Hi Rauf,

I also have the same issue, what is the resolution steps for this.
We are using some custom font in the report, but I have removed all that font in the report, still getting the same error.

any suggestion please?

Hello Dhana,

Hard to remember this after 4 years.
But I will check.

Can you please let us know your version details.
Hi Rauf,

Thanks for looking into this.

It is 9.2 system, it looks like some some font related issue.

@Anthish, I'll check Unicode configuration.