E9.1 UBE events execution sequence


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Hi All,

I have a Level break footer in my UBE where I am doing an insert on a custom table. Now after the insert is done, I have to do some calculations/processing but it should be done only once at the end. I tried adding my logic at 'End Lvl Brk Footer Section' and 'After Last Object Printed' but while debugging I found that the control goes to that section multiple times. I tried at end section but nothing happened, seems BC values are not available there. Any event where I can write the logic so that the control goes there only once?

Thanks in advance.
Just add a flag you set and reset.
Then add an IF statement to do the code if the flag is OFF, inside the IF, set the flag to ON. (meaning it won't repeat)
If you even wanted to then execute this logic again in the UBEs execution, you'd need to work out where to set it to OFF again

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