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Hello List,

We are having trouble getting some UBE's to run. We modified the OneWorld A/R Statements process. We modified two of the JDE UBE's and created another one from scratch. The process involves a control UBE calling other UBE's through report interconnects. We did a server package with all of the objects (UBE's, versions, and processing option templates) and deployed it. I also ran also the custom versions to server by clicking the "Submit version specifications only" on the advanced screen.

We know the modifications got to server because our new custom UBE is getting called and running, but it and another UBE are erroring out. The error message is: "Could not Retrieve DSTMPL specs for RITemplate". The process runs fine locally, and I am out of ideas.

We are on OW B7331, NT 4.0, SQL 6.5


Chris Mueller at
Trader Publishing
Hi Chris,

Only one idea; you say you know the mods got to the Server. One question, though; did you look into the package's logs?

A very similar situation we have now (in B7321).
The Server Package was xferred & deployed, no fuzzy messages BUT
When we looked into the UBE's server logs, we discovered we were hit by the "Error Getting DsTmpl for Processing Option"!
Re-did the Server Package stuff AND read its log:
"TAMAddX: GetDataRecord: zero record length in variable length data record (/home/oneworld/b732/DEVB732/spec/rdaspec.xdb)"
This means the Server Specs /Index files are out of synch (and we started TAM_FTP'em from my Developer wkstn).
Did that happen to your server, too? You don't know ... until you read the logs :)

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
SANDBOX: Xe SP15, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix