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UBE Error from Enterprise Server


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We are doing some "pre-testing and development" in XE, in particular writing some reports and recently stumbled. We have been running a majority of our reports locally on each of our development PC's but we had checked things in and even deployed some stuff and SWEAR we had things able to run on the enterprise server. At some point, we were no longer able to run in up there and we get this set of errors in the tracing log:
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** Locking /PY7333/specfile/rdaspec.ddb in READ mode.
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** LOCK: Total READ locks after operation: 2
--UBE--[0]-- Could not retrieve Report Template Specification.
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** Unlocking TAM file /PY7333/specfile/rdaspec.ddb
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** UNLOCK: Total READ locks after operation: 1
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** Unlocking TAM file /PY7333/specfile/rdaspec.ddb
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** UNLOCK: Total READ locks after operation: 0
--UBE--[0]-- Unable to load Specifications.
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** Entering JDB_FreeUser
Mar 21 08:05:02 ** Entering JDB_OpenTable( Table = F0092)
I can actually see it "begin" to work on the enterprise server (AS/400) for just a few seconds before we get an error.
We are old-school World folks and quite technically able so can someone point me in some hopeful direction?



Have you created any new Data Dictionary items? The log seems to point to this so you'll need to update the Enterprise Server with the new DD definitions - to my knowledge DD replication does not do this.

On a local client (where DD was entered if NOT running replication) go to B7\System\Bin32. Exit OneWorld. Find TAMFTP and run it. There are instructions on the KG for TAMFTP so to save me typing them get them from there :)

Hope this helps


B7322 sp12.2. AS/400 V4R4. NT Deployment Server.


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It looks like the specs for your reports are no longer on the server. (since
you said they ran on the server before). Try deploying a server package
with your new reports, this should solve the problem.