U Stocking Type Item is Allowed to Be Added to a Transfer Orders


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My understanding is that a U stocking type item would not allow a purchase order to be added. however, I have several recent examples where the stocking type is U in the receiving branch, but a transfer order was created.

Is there another flag that we need to set up to avoid this happening?


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There is quest enhancement in the manufacturing and distribution user group around stocking type 'O' that you may want to take a look at and perhaps reference if you open a ticket with oracle.


ID : 11613
Product Line : JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Module : Manufacturing and Distribution
Category :
Industry : General
SubType : Not Sure
Priority : 4 - High
Description : Prohibit work order for stocking type 'O' items.

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BUG# 18912711 Ms. Sue E Hicks 3/15/2017 2:37:30 PM
BUG# 18912711 Add choice of allowing or disallowing WO entry & processing for obsolete items. Recommendation is to create and SR in Oracle Support DB to prevent WO's for obsolete items. This will add to the list of customers associated with it.
Solution of Enhancement Request Ms. Sue E Hicks 3/15/2017 2:40:22 PM
DESCRIPTION OF ENHANCEMENT REQUEST ================================== Request is for an overhaul of the logic surrounding the Work Order processing of Obsolete items (Stocking Type = O). Current design is to set Warning 013FI Warning - Item is Obsolete at time of Work Order Entry. There is no further checking throughout the process. Request is as follows: Enable the choice of allowing or disallowing the entry and processing of Work Orders for Obsolete items, i.e. Hard Error or Warning. Ideas: 1. Have overall control of this set at a P3009 Constants level. P48013, R31410, P31113, P311221 and P31114 to have coding added to check the flag and error or warn as appropriate. This is especially useful when items have long leadtimes or lots of WIP and an item may go obsolete at any time during the procution lifecycle. 2. Have control set at processing option level within the P48013, R31410, P31113, P311221 and P31114.