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Hi List

Anyone have any experiences of the type ahead facility available in version 733 and above? I'm trying to find out where this information is stored, which fields it is activated for, why it doesn't work for all fields - whether they be on a grid or normal control field.

Can the functionality be switched off at field/form level or only at user level?

Any information or pointers to JDE info would be of great help.


Tom Brown

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The following info is from a help-file:

Type Ahead Edit will store previously entered data in form edit controls and grid columns.
As the user enters each character of data, the type ahead edit functionality will search a list of previous entries for a partial match and highlight the new text of any match found.
A User may choose to accept the data found in the list by exiting the control.
Once the user has exited the edit control or grid cell, if the data entered is new and valid, then the new data will be stored at the top of the list.
If the data entered is not new, then the data in the type ahead edit list will move up to the top of the list.
Once the size of the list of previously stored entries becomes larger than the max size allowed, the oldest entries will be deleted.
The Type Ahead functionality can be disabled in the jde.ini file by adding the following setting under [Interactive Runtime]:
TypeAhead = 0
The default number of entries saved per control is 50, but this can also be changed using the jde.ini file:
TypeAhead=<Size Desired>
The file containing all the Type Ahead information for OneWorld persistence is located in the Windows root directory. It’s name is: TypeAhead.tae. If this file is deleted then all previously stored entries will be lost.
When a new version of OneWorld is installed on a machine the Type Ahead Edit file “TypeAhead.tae” will be deleted and a new one will be created.
Type Ahead functionality will be disabled for multi-byte languages and for multi-line edit controls.

The last sentence explains perhaps what you have noticed.


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Thanks for that...

I have checked a little more and there are some fields which it does not work on, for example, gross amount in Voucher entry.

Type ahead also does not work on QBE lines - is that controllable or just a no-no?




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Thanks to share this valuable and interesting information.
Could you tell us where did you find it, how can we access this help, etc.? I wasn't able to locate it in our on-line help.
I suppose we can find other very interesting informations there too.

Thanks in advance,
P.S.: Can I ask you to send me a CC to my e-mail address too. I will be on holiday for a longer time soon and I certainly do not want to miss your reply. You know, I am hungry for all information. Thanks.

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Useful piece of info, Walter, thanks.
But for anyone who, like me, has never liked Type Ahead, don't expect to be
able to turn it off as easily as the help-file suggests! Sadly, the Type
Ahead setting in jde.ini no longer controls Type Ahead, as it has been
linked, instead, to user preferences. Select Preferences on each
application, and for your current User Profile, you can switch it off for
that application alone.
One particular client raised a SAR to get it controlled via jde.ini again,
but it's been turned down.
Surely they could have left that control in, couldn't they?

See SARs 5161891 and 4030101.

Maggie 'trying to love OW' Richardson
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good question ... I have this information cut and pasted from somewhere but I don't know what the source was. It was at least a year ago. That is the reason that the information of XE was not entered, they changed it somewhat.


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