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Turning on Multi-Currency


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We are moving to OneWorld from World. We did not turn on multi-currency when we went live back in 1998 (big mistake...bad advice from consultants). There is a growing but not yet urgent need to turn on multi-currency. Question is....is it overall better to turn on multi-currency in World before we go live with OneWorld or to turn on multi-currency in OneWorld later? Or is there really no big benefit either way? The IT manager wants to defer multi-currency because he doesn't want to divert our few technical resources to yet another complicating issue with the OneWorld go-live.


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We implemented B7332, then decided between our upgrade to Xe to turn on
currency. We were fortunate to only use USD as our currency for now, so
updating tables with that currency value went smoothly. I cannot speak to
whether or not to do it first in World or OneWorld, but if your currency
structure is simple, it's a simple process in OneWorld.

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The benefit of turning on Multi-Currency in your World install is to start using it and create some data in your tables prior to the conversion. It will complicate the conversion somewhat, but you will have use of it prior to go-live, and depending upon your project planning, it should not interfere with the OneWorld project.

Multi-Currency can be turned on at any time after a go-live, so in that respect, it is not an issue. Your note implies you regret not turning it on before as if there is some workaround you have to do to handle the foreign transactions. If that is so, turning it on now prior to go-live on OW will offer user training on the functionality apart from your curent project, and may eliminate the workarounds.

Perhaps you could designate a power user to oversee the multi-currency project in World, therby allowing the few technical resources to concentrate on OneWorld.


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We have been running OneWorld for 3 years, with Multi-Currency off, we then turned it on in May this year. Our F0902 - F0911 Reconciliation report (R09705 in OneWorld) still shows errors and still needs fixing.

I think there is a degree of misunderstanding as to the function of MultiCurrency on/off.

We had been running with Multiple Currencies from live, and had transactions in about a dozen Currencies, but the G/L only reported in Base Currency. By turning on Multi Currency it allows you to report separately for All Currencies. The F0902 is the key, with Multi Currency Off you get one record per Account per year per AA and CA - the CA is a composite value of All currencies, ie it adds Yen to Dollars!

With Multi Currency on the F0902 has one record per Account per year per Currency per AA and CA, so you can actually see the true total of Dollars or Yen.

However switching the flag leaves you with a F0902 in a mess. The only real solution is to rebuild the F0902 (that is a job which I have never seen run). Or do what we are doing, and fix it through the back door of SQL, but remember you have to do AA and CA transactions and split out all currencies. When you are finished you will need to delete the old none Currency records, or the F0902 will be overstated!!!

Best of luck! If the F0902 rebuild works for World do it there!

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We are in the process of rebuilding our F0902 via R099102 and R098102. I will let you know if any problems.

We did a little deal where we changed all of our company numbers in the database and are still cleaning things up a bit. To add to the mix we have toggled the multi-currency settings. (you just can't have enough consultants recommending things...) but those problems were more related to intercompany settlements.

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