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First of all, this is not a flame. I am just trying to educate myself about the most efficient and safe methods for doing our work. Right now, it takes us about two and three-quarter hours to do a full client package build and another three hours if we include a full server package build. You are saying that turning off UNC Flag will cut this in half, correct? You say you also do this for update packages. For us, the time savings on update packages would not be significant enough to warrant switching settings. What impact does turning off the UNC Flag have on other users? I believe this setting applies to all workstations and not just to the one running the build. Because of this, I am reluctant to change this setting, especially since JDE documentation specifically states that the setting should be Y. If you change it, wouldn't any place you specify a server name have to be changed and then changed back after the build? Wouldn't logical drives have to be mapped? Is it really worth the effort?

Curiosity has gotten the best of me. How long is it taking you to build a full package, client and server? I thought less than six hours was great, especially compared to what it used to take. Am I off base?

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Yes we turn off UNC Flags only for packagebuilds. We have seen an improvement in speed with this (we tested it with update packages).

There is however one thing you have to do after the package build(being either update or full). You have to edit the packagename.inf file before deploying/installing the package.

When we turn off this UNC flag you have to enter the full path name.
>> when UNC is on you'll see within pathcode master only B7333. When turning it off you have to state it like E:\JDEdwardsOneWorld\B7333.

This last thing you'll also see in this INF file and has to be replaced with \\DEPLOYMENTSERVERNAME.

As soon as we have finished the build we turn UNC back on as it might cause problems in OMW for BSFN's & Tables (we found this out the hard way).

Communication of servers/workstations go through ODBC/OCM and servermap settings so you can temporarily change this UNC flag as they point to the right sources.

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Hello Ray,

Turning the UNC Flag of gives us some 30% saving in build time. But you'll have to know that it still takes us 16 hours to build a Full client package so that is the reason why we do it.

I envy you for the time it takes you to build a Full client package. Long Tima ago it took us less then 7 hours for a full cient build including compression. We do not exactly know what has happened but it probably has to do with our deployment server.

Seeing how long your build takes I have to say that you will not have to try this.

Answer to your question about the impact to other users:
It only has impact on checking out/in bsfn, datastructures and tables as far as we have seen yet as the us the value that stands in the Shared Server Field. Normal production work goes fine so only developers and cnc people can feel some impact concerning this.

After building a package you do indeed have to change something. You have to change the packagename.inf file
After the package is build it will look something like:


this will have to be changed to:


But again your package builds fast so you will not have to do this!!

Richard Stam
CNC/System Administration
LIVE: B733.3 SP13, AS400 Enterprise Server on V4R4
Citrix <100 users (so far) and some NT/W2K Clients