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Hi guys,

Is there anybody knows how to turn off Vocabulary Overrides (VO) for R42565 - Invoice Print. We are on XE post Update one SP14.2, we have customers whose language preference is either "E" or "F", we need only English on the Invoice, if I don't define VO for "E" and "F", the system will just pull out the descriptions from DD.

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Hi Richard,

We had had the opposite problems in the past but the solution could be common. All of our users use our Hungarian language but we had had to print invoices on different languages.

One talented young developer of us has been resolved this problem using an original OW BSFN which set the UserLanguagePreference.
He had some problem on B7331 with it but resolved it.

Unfortunately I can not tell exactly the details but he had posted it onto the Forum, so you can search for it in the archives.

Excuse me that I did not search it for you. My access to the Forum is terrible slow curently (I am listening the Forum currently on two PC!).
He haven't too many posts so you can locate his post easily searching on his name. Please try:
Gergely Pongracz

I really hope that you can use his method suited to your opposite needs (maybe could be easier?).

Please, let us know how did you resolved this issue.


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Hi Zoltán

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you very much for your advice, that's a good solution, I used this business function in A/R statement program before, it works fine.

Now I tried to modify R42565 in the same way, it runs forever, never ends, I thought that might my modification affet somewhere, but actually not. My senario like this:

1. I erased checkout, then check out R42565 (XE), created a new version, the new version works fine.

2. Applied ESU JD10486, deployed to a flat workstation, and cheked out R42565, run the new version I created, works.

3. Went to RDA, goto any ER, do an OK, then save it. (Nothing got changed from my point of view), and run the version, never end.

I hope somebody has this kind of experience, and have a solution.

Thanks and regards,


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Just update you guys, I found where the problem was.

When we applid ESU, data selections for "Build Work File", "Detail Line 1" and "Delete Work File" disappeared. Just reset the data selection from pre-update1 program.