E9.2 Trying to access Business data (sequel) through MS-Access


I am trying to tap the JDE Businessdata database in MS-Access as I have to do some comparisons. It is easier for me to create intermediate tables and match data with another access table. I have done it by tapping the JDE using Import -> ODBC Database then selecting the correct Data Source name, which is the sql-listener name for our production database. Now it just gives me INFORMATION_SCHEMA_ tables & SYS.all_ tables, not Business Data. Have attached the screen to this post.

I have done this until a few years before. Maybe the sequel upgrades or changes in config has changed it now. Any thoughts?
We have SQL server Management Studio v18.9.2

Thank you, in advance?


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When you are going through the wizard to setup your connection make sure you select the business data DB as your default DB.