True type fonts xdo.cfg vs pdflib.upr vs P98980


First of all, our barcode, MICR, BIP forms are working fine with a couple of special character exceptions.
XML contains the proper UTF-8 trademark character but .pdf has a single question mark symbol.
A few documents show the proper trademark symbol, a few have the question mark symbol.
I believe it's due to font substitution, due to missing a font description in xdo.cfg

I've researched via Oracle Support, JDEList, Shannon's Blog, etc. Feels like I've come full circle ten times!! Ha!

Hoping someone could verify that I understand where font definitions need to be based upon the tool that's being used.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

E1 9.1
OS400 7.1 using J9 JVM

True type font objects: .ttf are FTP'd to iSeries (using binary) into our IFS directory address E910SYS/RESOURCE/truetype.

For UBE reports: Font cross references/definitions are added to the E910SYS/RESOURCE/pdflib.upr (per format example: Calibri=calibri.ttf)
For BIP xml/pdf: Font definitions are added to E910SYS/CLASSES/xdo.cfg ***This is where I think I need to add a couple more definitions****
For HTML: : Font definitions are added to P98980

Am I missing any other configuration/definition setup?

Rhonda Knopf
The Vernon Company
IT Director
E1 9.1 TR OS400 7.1 BSSV Weblogic
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