True type Font missing !!

I' have one problem with batch ,in design i can't see the true type font ,for example Arial ,time new roman, ect.
In the OW form design instead i see these fonts and under the Wint i can find these fonts !!!

Please contact me if somebody have been got this problem or if you have some good idea.

Thank You very much



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I am having the same problem.

I have two workstation. Both of them are has same OS (Windows-2000) and same number of fonts installed on both machine. I am getting whole font list on one machine but my lother machine is not showing me True Type fonts in RDA. I checked FDA, and its shows me whole list of fonts on both the machines. I m confuse :-(

Is anyone has some idea or some solutions..

I tried installing OW also tried installing Acrobat but its same.