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TRUE or FALSE? regarding "JDE" user database permissions


1) User account/id "JDE" should never have permissions to create a table in another owners schema - IE, TESTDTA.

2) User account/id "JDE" should never be used as system/proxy user for business users.

App and Tools version 9.2
Oracle database
Linux servers


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1) True - doesn't need it. You can cheat sometimes, but it's not required for install / setup / etc. The datasource owner/password should be enough.

2) And yes - you shouldn't use it as the db user. I think we've all had the nightmare pop up scenario where a user keeps typing in that JDE password wrong over and over again and then all of E1 is dead at least once... Save it for the deployment server / admin activity.


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Although, what "shouldn't" be used might be different from whats delivered "out of the box".

Standard JDE "out of the box" provides permissions to create tables in other users' schema.
Standard JDE is often used as the system/proxy user for users (like "JDE").

Also - whats delivered "out of the box" is the ability for all users to run all applications.....so its common sense to ensure security is modified to align within business practice.