Tricky Security Need


I have a client that has an unusual security request. Client uses Mfg work orders to blend components into a finished product used for coating oil drilling pipes. The BOM for the finished product is considered proprietary and a 'secret recipe" that they want to limit the access to the BOM components to just 2-3 users. We have not found an easy way within JDE security to give access to the BOM for these certain items to only a couple people. They don't want anyone (except those 2-3 users) to be able to see the components that make up the finished product, nor the quantities of those components.

Does anyone have any ideas for handling this? It seems to me with all the chemical and pharmaceutical companies that use JDE, there must be a way to secure this proprietary information.


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don't put it into the BOM. Instead create a proprietary product that is mixed before it arrives into the system....


The risk is that if its in the BOM and secured down, its still possible for someone or something to come along, get past the security and look at the recipe.


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and as you know its not just the BOM - its the WO Parts list which is effectively a part of the BOM and which you cannot really secure - there's tendrils all through the system. For example I could look in the Cardex to see what quantities of what materials were issued to a work order ...

Net net I think Jon is right - mix it separately outside the system.