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A word of caution when creating or using a Table Conversion against a table used coexistantly with WorldSoftware: The TC copies, deletes, then rebuilds the existing table using SQL statements. What that means is, the table will no longer be usable by AS400 RPG programs.

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Great Tip, Doug!

As an addition, this is something to keep in mind for everyone running coexistent. Any table accessed by World must be created by World (ie, with proper RPG format) in order for the RPG programs to access it. When OneWorld creates a table (via table conversion, create table, any number of UBE's like the R98403, etc.) it creates in an SQL format...unreadable to World programs.

This is also something to keep in mind when updating and upgrading the World side. If a World upgrade delivers what it thinks are new tables and OneWorld has already created these tables (as OW only tables), then the upgrade does not recreate the tables for World. Here again the formatting is a problem. Always check with JDE to find out if tables are being delivered for a World update or upgrade to see if your coexistence install may create this issue.

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