Transportation create spot quote or rate shop


We are upgrading from Xe to 9.2 and in addition we are implementing the transportation module.
We will be using the professional release of Kuebix just to return rates to a sales order/shipment and to get quotes before creating high price or international sales orders.
The Oracle documentation contains no explicit or detailed instructions that explain how to create a quote or rate shop for a shipment in the transportation module system 49.
From snippets of documentation on the Knowledge site, the MOSC site, and some white papers, I see that the user goes from Work with Shipments P4915 to Shipment Charges P4945 and then takes the row exit to Quotes.
However, I get an error that "Rate does not exist" when I try to get a quote for an existing shipment even if that shipment has no billable or payable charges.
Must I always add a new dummy shipment in P4915 before going to P4945?
Are there any other gotchas to get a spot quote or to rate shop?
Thanks in advance for any information.