Translate to local language in JDE E1 8.12


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P09014 - Translate to local language in JDE E1 8.12

Hi List,

I'm searching for two features, and not sure if this exist or not.

1- Translate Chart of Accounts, regardless of Business Unit.

For example, the object 11011 is for 'Master Cash Account'. The user don't want to go for each BU to add the translation. Instead if the user translate the object description to a local language, it should affect all BUs.

2-Translate remarks in financial transactions.

As far I know, we cannot automatically translate the remark text because the user have to input the text in the required language. Is there any better way to do this ?
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For item 1, the way I've done it is to have a specific business unit for the country that we used as the model that would have all the translations on it. Then we used R09813 to propagate the translations out.