Transfer Order ST / OT - splitted lines


Hi everybody,
there is a way to avoid the splitting on the PO (OT) side if the related ST has been splitted by picking process (R42520)?
If I transfer something from warehouse A to warehouse B, warehouse B doesn't care if the shipment confirmation of warehouse A splitted the rows. Why warehouse B has to confirm 2 or more lines instead of one?
Any suggestion will be appreciate

Mike Mackinnon

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They might care if the sending warehouse is picking different lot numbers. Do you do 'actual' lot processing or have serial numbers on your inventory? Do the different locations possibly have different costs?
If so, you would want to know which specific lot/serial is being sent to the receiving warehouse.


Hi Mike,
thanks for the post.
You are right In case of serialized item I need this feature but I think that should be a option that avoid the splitting of OT when the ST is splitted by location during the shipment confirmation.
So I have a warehouse (the sender) that in a ST can split a non serialized product over 100 locations, the warehouse that will receive the goods manage just 1 location. I know that I will not find a solution :-(


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Not ideal - but you could create a unique version of P4312 and change the 5- Tolerance processing option to allow over receiving. Then, the ship to branch can just receive it on line 1 and close the remaining lines (put a 9 in the RECOPT field). Not completely ideal and you have to audit from time to time to ensure every OT line got closed, but a solution.