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On TR8.98 when filling a grid, usually from a Find button press, you get an hour glass and then the grid fills. If it takes a long time to fill the grid the form will be replaced with some sort of progress bar/indicator. On 8.98 it would take several seconds before the screen was replaced with this progress bar. For quick find actions this had the effect of just filling in the grid with out the screen "flashing" from form to progress bar back to form. Under it seems to go to this progress bar almost immediately so for quick find operations or quick grid fills instead of just a one or two second hour glass and a nice smooth filling in of the grid you get these screen "flashes" - screen is momentarily replaced with progress bar then back to the form. To me this is visually unappealing and regressing from a UI standpoint. Is there a setting some place that controls the delay before replacing the form with the progress bar?

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BTW it may be record count based instead of time based, but regardless it was a "smoother" filling of the grid under 8.98.
Hi Brian,

I am not seeing the screen "flash" as you describe .. the progress bar displays on the right top corner and it displays as soon as I click find, but seems to be non-intrusive. May be we are not talking about the same thing? See attached screenshot.


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I see now what is happening ... the "Load Build" button is loading all the records into the grid (i.e. mimicking "go to end" on the grid) and this is causing the form the display the progress bar. It looks like the number of records is within the GlobalPageSize setting, which should cause the progress bar to appear on the side. Based on this, I would say this is a bug.
Correct, changing the radio button loads both grids from cache (there is not any suppress or hide grid row, so what you see is what it reads).

And... this may be a moot point. I went to talk to our CNC guy about it to see what the default setting was for grid rows and he started laughing because he was getting complaints from others that only 10 rows are showing up in a grid page - we just put down and our CNC guys have not had a chance to go tweak all the settings yet - I may have just jumped the gun.