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Total Rapport question


Legendary Poster

when configuring Total Rapport, is there a means to specify what UBEs should or should NOT have their ouput sent back to the client? We're thinking of UBEs whose output that is already automatically emailed, or sent to Optio, or that we just don't want to bother the user with.

Thanks in advance,


Legendary Poster

Certainly: TR is configured as a Printer in JDE and most users would normally use the default printer pre-configured by CNC for the given job.

So, if you want this job to open, you setup a default printer for it in JDE to TR (and you know, that it can be version/job/environment/server and user - specific, or as specific as you want it to be).

There's of course also a question of actually printing the job to that printer. You would typically have AutoPrint set to TRUE and probably configure TR as a default printer for *ALL/*PUBLIC to catch all, and then point those jobs you want to send to Optio to use Optio printer and those noone wants - to some dummy printer. Or use the dummy as a default for all jobs and only setup selected ones to use TR printer, as necessary.

Any way, it's very flexible...